What to Expect as a Patient

The FDG Mobile patient experience is almost exactly the same as the patient experience at our sister office Fiorenza Dental Group. During your first visit you will fill out some short paperwork digitally, then be seated in our fully portable dental chair. An assistant will take any necessary radiographs to see if you are having trouble with any of your teeth. Then the dentist will review the radiographs and give you a comprehensive exam. After the exam the dentist will give you a thorough cleaning with polish and fluoride if needed. This process normally takes about 30-40 minutes for adults and 10-20 minutes for children. We can perform any needed work at this same visit or schedule a follow-up visit at a later date.

What to Expect When We Come

As a portable dental company we bring all of our equipment into your location. All you need to provide is the room. Once the equipment is unloaded it takes about 15 minutes to set up. Depending on the location; we either prefer to have a designated person who is familiar with the location to help us get the patients or we let the patient know when we are ready for their appointment. In a normal day anywhere from 3-25 patients are seen for cleanings, follow-up work, exams, etc. As a reminder, FDG Mobile never charges the location anything to come provide dental work. We will bill the patient’s insurance just as a brick and mortar office.