How do I pay?

Patient: We bill your dental insurance just like a normal office. If a procedure has a co-payment; you will be notified and told the exact amount before any work is done. We accept all forms of payment.
Site Administrator: You don’t pay us anything. We will bill the individual patient’s insurance.

Will I get a shot?

In many cases you won’t get a shot. We are trained and use Silver Diamine Fluoride extensively. This medicine works two ways. First, it kills all bacteria in the cavity that are causing the tooth decay. Second, it lays a thin layer of silver down to seal off any decayed tooth structure. This is a liquid that we put on the area of decay with a brush. The application is very easy and painless. After the medicine sits for 1 minute; we may put a filling on top of the area. The material we use goes on soft so we can form it to your tooth without using a drill. For larger fillings, removal of teeth, etc. a numbing agent will be used as necessary. We will take every step slowly and make sure you are comfortable the entire visit.

Will it hurt?

Most of the time our patients leave saying, “That wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be!” Even in the procedures where numbing agents are necessary; usually all that is felt is a pinching sensation for about 5 seconds.

How much space do you need?

We need a room at least the size of a small office (8×8 is plenty) with a door. This provides us the adequate space that we need but also provides the patient the privacy they desire.

How many patients do we need for you to come?

We have the ability to see up to 25 patients a day; so 25 would be great. But on a first visit 3-10 is typical. Then on follow-up visits (once work spreads) the numbers usually go up.